This research examines some of the issues and controversies that arise when facilities with perceived noxious environmental, social, and economic effects (LULUs) locate in communities. It develops a taxonomy of LULU types and describes some potential economic and social effects of five specific kinds of LULUs, including: (1) interstate highways, (2) large dams, (3) medium and maximum security prisons, (4) commercial nuclear power plants, and (5) gambling casinos. The research uses quasi-experimental control group methods to assess the economic impacts of these facilities on U.S. counties during the period 1972-94. It shows that few actual negative effects can be attributed to LULUs. However, only interstate highways measurably stimulates aggregate employment.


Rephann, Terance. 2000. The economic impacts of LULUs. Environment and Planning C: Government and Policy. 18,4: 393-407.

Powerpoint slide presentation of paper presented at the 43rd Annual North American Regional Science Meetings in Arlington, Virginia, on November 14-16.

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