Over the past few years, metropolitan crime has fallen in the United States while nonmetropolitan crime has continued to increase. This research examines nonmetropolitan crime during the period 1977-1995, and describes its characteristics and spatial dynamics. It outlines eight categories of causal factors and investigates their role in nonmetropolitan county crime variation using regression analysis. This analysis shows that many variables commonly identified with "rural development" are associated with crime. The research recommends that planners anticipate the social effects of popular rural revitalization strategies, such as tourism, retirement communities, highways, and service sector development.


Rephann, Terance. 1999. Links between rural development and crime. Papers in Regional Science 78, 4: 365-386.

Powerpoint slide presentation of paper presented at the 44th Annual Meetings of the North American Regional Science Association Meetings in Buffalo, NY, on November 6-9, 1997.

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